Corona Discharge Patrols

Corona Discharge Patrols

Following increased awareness of corona and arching effects in recent years, Irish Helicopters has invested in new technology to counter the problem.

By using the Polytech gyro stabilised corona camera system - the only one of its kind in Ireland - we can utilise the ultra-violet image senor and colour video camera to detect partial discharge, corona and arching in overhead power lines, grid components and high voltage transmission lines.

We are able to help electric utilities firms in any of the following situations:

• Degradation of Polymer insulators
• Contamination - coastal/highway salt, industrial, contamination and agricultural fertilizers
• Improper binder attachment of conductors to insulators
• Power loss
• Improper grounding or bonding lead to wooden poles fires and are safety hazards
• Rusted cement and metal caps and pins on porcelain insulators
• Cracked porcelain insulators
• Shorted bells
• Incorrect design and improper installation
• RFI, TVI and audio noise sources lead to customer complaints
• Loose hardware such as spacers, slices, clamps, etc

These surveys have the potential to save time and resources by eliminating the need to 'blindly' test a bulk of insulators and redundant replacements of grid elements, corona surveys can help to save time and resources.

For further information on corona surveys please call: 00-353-1-890 2895 or click here to Contact Us.